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Simman Essential with Bleeding

Helping improve patient safety

With ‘simplicity of use’ being a core principle of its design, both novice and experienced instructors can now take full advantage of the benefits of simulation.

With a range of Technical and Educational services to ensure simulation programmes are successfully supported from the outset, and a full complement of patient cases and courseware to ease instructor preparation time – SimMan Essential is set to define a new era in simulation training.

Making a difference

Simulation has gathered increasing acceptance over the years as an integral part of healthcare training and a fundamental approach to help improve patient safety. The challenge now for educators is how to make it more accessible to the wider healthcare community, so that the educational benefits can be experienced by both healthcare practitioners and ultimately, the patients they care for. SimMan Essential has been designed to meet this challenge.

In situ and inter-disciplinary team training

Bringing together multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals in their actual workplace to rehearse both common clinical scenarios and emergency critical incidents is a significant development in simulation practice. From an emergency situation in a remote location through the process of definitive care in a hospital, from a war-torn battlefield to a busy hospital ward – SimMan Essential injects a greater realism into scenario based training to further enhance and contextualise learning objectives in preparation for real patient encounters.


Healthcare EMS Military Professional Education

Building skills competence

While offering unique training opportunities to improve communication skills and develop effective team performance, SimMan Essential will also help build individual student competence in a number of clinical skills. From basic through to more complex levels of difficulty, skills repetition in simulated practice reduces the potential for error and enhances skills performance when it really matters.

Portable and flexible

Whether you are running your simulation programmes in the field for realistic EMS or Military scenarios, in an ambulance or in a hospital setting, SimMan Essential is easy to set up and transfer.

Easy to use software

Proven software that allows flexible management of all patient parameters. An improved scenario editor program can create advanced scenarios, while the use of Handlers and Trends enable multiple physiological and pharmacological changes in the simulation.

Immediate debriefing

With the world’s first integrated Video Debriefing System, SimMan Essential provides a quick and easy debriefing solution for immediate reviewing of student performance to capitalize on learning opportunities.

Built to last

Robust and reliable, SimMan Essential will withstand the rigours of extensive use in field based simulations.


SimMan Essential is available in two different options.

SimMan Essential

An ideal cost effective simulation solution for multiple healthcare disciplines.

SimMan Essential Bleeding

Incorporating an internal blood system offering unique benefits for Military and EMS field based trauma training.


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