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The STS Cardiac Auscultation System is a program for individual student self-instruction in cardiac auscultation. The STS (Self-Teaching System) was developed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston, Texas by William E. Thornton, M.D., former Professor of Medicine and a former astronaut. It is in daily use at UTMB.

The system consists of:

Software that produces both instructions on heart sounds with synchronized carotid pulse with each lesson.

Individual text/workbooks with color graphics provide the necessary didactic material to understand the auscultatory process and the basic individual cardiac sounds. As individual sounds are described, the appropriate sounds and pulses are reproduced for demonstration and practice. Students also diagram the sounds for comparison to the correct diagrams and descriptions. A review and self evaluation with typical examples of the studied sounds is part of each lesson.

A pulse reproducer with force/displacement characteristics that mimic those of hemodynamic pulses providing a simulated carotid pulse with tactile realism.

The lessons include:

Introduction to Cardiac Auscultation and Normal Heart Sounds
The Normal Variant Heart Sounds
Abnormal Heart Sounds

Lesson 1 Introduction to Cardiac Auscultation and Normal Heart Sounds.

Brief history of auscultation
Generation, transmission and detection of physiologic sound
Auscultation of anatomical sites

Clinical characteristics of sound
Nature and use of the stethoscope
Clinical maneuvers to improve detection
Identification of sounds, plus source and characteristics of cardiac sounds
Generation of first and second heart sounds, S1 and S2
Sound diagrams
Positive identification of S1 and S2, systole and diastole, by palpation
Characteristics of normal S1 and S2
Review, practice and evaluation

Where Used:
Skills Labs - Medical Schools
Skills Labs - Nursing Schools
Community Hospital Nursing Programs
EMT Training Programs
Pharmacy Depts.
Physical Therapy Depts.
Athletic Training Depts.

Major Features:

  • Proven to be highly effective
  • Results are three-fold better than reported in Published Papers
  • Very Cost Effective
  • 70 page Student Text Work Book Included
  • Sound Reproducer Included
  • Pulse Reproducer Included
  • Four Lessons and One Auscultation Evaluation Program
  • Students use their own Stethoscopes

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