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Sam On-Line permits students of SAM customers to access a complete course in auscultation on-line from any PC connected to the Internet, 24/7. Students move the stethoscope to the correct anatomical location using their mouse. All sounds, both anterior and posterior, are presented

A complete lesson guide covering heart, breath, and bowel sounds is also included with SAM On-Line. This lesson guide is well-illustrated with phonocardiograms, images of the chest showing best places to listen for each sound, as well as questions and answers.

Auscultation is a fundamental skill that requires time and practice. The only way to really learn the subject is to spent time listening and learning. SAM On-Line provides this practice, 24/7.

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Once the sound has been selected (see below selection page), students move the stethoscope to the correct anatomical site.  The upper bar allows students to select Heart, Bruit, Breath, Bowel, Heart and Breath, Heart and Bruit sounds.  The slide bar on the left of the screen permits adjustment to the volume of each sound.  The location of the correct anatomical locations are shown in red for heart sounds and blue for breath sounds. The locations and names of the locations can be removed by a mouse click

Where Used:
By faculty or students for learning, relearning or refreshing their auscultation skills - Available to students of SAM users with a password, 24/7 Medical, nursing or PA students or EMTs. From any computer connected to the Internet

Major features:

  • Provides On-Line instruction in auscultation
  • Sounds are located at the correct anatomical site
  • All sounds of SAM are available with SAM On-Line
  • Complete lesson guide included. A lesson for every sound is available on-line.
  • Provides heart, bruit, breath, bowel sounds
  • Provides combination of heart, breath or heart and bruit
  • Provides 26 heart sounds, 21 breath sounds, 20 bowel sounds, 4 bruit sounds
  • Move stethoscope with the mouse
  • Use headphones for best sound quality
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