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Major Features
            Individual student features

  • Used with your own Stethoscope
  • Carotid Pulse for Detection of Systole.
  • Provides visual display of  phonocardiogram with heart sound.
  • Provides two channel display with heart and breath sounds.
  • Select sounds via computer menu
  • Any two sounds can be compared quickly and easily
  • Palpate a thrill for grade 4+ murmurs
  • Sounds with Variable Heart Rate Included.
  • Comparison of similar, but different sounds is quick and easy, i.e.,  compare Split S2 with  S3 or S4 and ASD or innocent murmur with AS and MR.
  • Lesson or program guide for each sound can be displayed on the     computer monitor.
  • Full lesson guide for every sound with questions and answers
  • SAM On-Line for continuing study auscultation with sounds at correct anatomical site.

Instructor features

  • Instructor can alter sound volume at any site and save his/her volume settings and/or return to factory settings.
  • Instructors can preprogram lectures making their presentation much Smoother and quicker.
  • Classroom Instruction using SimulScope Auscultation System or Speakers
  • Phonocardiograms of each sound for projection to class
  • Phonocardiograms on two-channels for comparison purposes
  • Case studies can be presented
  • Listen to severe aortic stenosis in the neck as well as over precordial areas.
  • Produce a  pneumothorax in the chest
  • Diminish the lower lung sounds while maintain normal volume at upper chest
  • Sounds for testing supplied


  • Heart and lung sounds can be heard simultaneously or separately.
  • Sounds at Correct Anatomical Site.
  • 27 Heart Sounds, 21 Breath Sounds, 20 Bowel Sounds, 4 Carotid Bruits.             
  • Heart Sounds at four Anatomical Locations.
  • Breath Sounds at eight Anatomical Locations.
  • Breath Sounds can be played on one side only for illustration of pneumothorax.
  • Bowel Sounds at two Anatomical Locations.
  • E-Scope
  • E-Scope® Wireless Electronic Stethoscope and Wireless Headphones included to allow simultaneous listening by instructor and student. 
  • Angle of Louis Identified as landmark
  • Anatomical T-Shirt supplied with rib locations
  • Portable – 22 pounds with Optional Carry Case with Wheels & Handle
  • 200 Page Lesson Guide Supplied

Optional items

  • Arterial Pulse Training System
  • SimulScope Bedside Auscultation System for transmission of sounds to students wearing Wireless HeartMan Infrared Headphones.
  • Classroom Infrared Emitter
  • Auditorium Infrared Sound System
  • SAM Speaker System
  • SAM Carrying/Storage case with wheels & pull-out handle

Where Used:

Skills Labs - Nursing Schools
Skills Labs - Medical Schools
Community College Nursing Programs
PA Programs
EMS Training Program
Respiratory Therapy Depts.
Pharmacy Schools
Physical Therapy Depts.
Athletic Training Depts.
Standardized Patient Training

How Used:

Group lectures
For Self-Study, students use their own stethoscope
View phonocardiograms
In conjunction with SAM On-Line

Optional Accessories
SAM On-Line
The Arterial Pulse Training System
SimulScope® Infrared Auscultation System

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