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Every sound is displayed as a phonocardiogram on a monitor simultaneously with an ECG. A program guide is supplied on the computer screen so the description of the sound is presented simultaneously with sound.

Listening is done with the built-in low frequency speaker or, if desired, with the Cardionics Infrared Sound System.

For giving a lecture, the instructor can preprogram a lecture so that he/she need only press one key to advance from one sound to the next. The system allows for a number of different lectures for each instructor. The CardioSim is for use on a Windows platform. As such, Microsoft Power Point can be used to enhance a presentation and there are a number of images and animations that are supplied and can be added to the lecture in any sequence desired.

The display is 17" LCD color flat screen monitor. A large screen projector can be connected easily for group presentations. The system is sold complete and ready to use. It is easy to use for both student and instructor. A trained Cardionics representative always comes in for a training session.

One of the new, interesting features of the CardioSim is the addition of images and animations. There are over 125. For example, in studying mitral stenosis, the student can view a calcified mitral valve or watch an animation of mitral stenosis in a beating heart. Teaches arrhythmia recognition, all features of cardiac auscultation including cineangiography, EKG, patient auscultation - too many features to list - give us a call today to arrange a demonstration.

In use by over 100 medical schools and teaching hospitals in the US, the CardioSim offers an unparalleled, effective means of teaching cardiac auscultation

Where Used:

  • Classrooms for auscultation instruction<>
  • Auditoriums for auscultation instuction & testing
  • Skills labs

Optional Items:

  • SimulScope Bedside Auscultation System
  • Classroom Infrared Emitter
  • Auditorium Infrared Sound System
  • HeartMan Infrared Headphones
  • PneumoSim Digital Breath Sound Simulator

Major Features:

  • Simulated Sounds
  • Real Sounds
  • View & Hear One Sound Part at a time
  • Phonocardiogram and ECG Display
  • Variable Heart Rate
  • Measure Timing Intervals
  • Compare Sounds, i.e., Split S2 vs. S3
  • Add Breath Sounds to any Heart Sound
  • Move Murmurs, Clicks or Snaps
  • Adjust Murmur Frequencies
  • Animations (approximaely 70)
  • Images and Slides
  • Preprogram Instructor's Lecture
  • Give a Test
  • Record Patient's Sound
  • Record Patient's ECG and Pulse
  • Listen with HeartMan Infrared Headphones
  • Program Guide displayed on-screen and in hard copy form
  • Testing with or without display
  • Network version for Student Use
  • English or Spanish version
There is currently no order info available for CardioSim VII Digital Heart Sound Simulator.
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