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SonoMan System

The SonoMan System provides an affordable platform for teaching students how to read diagnostic ultrasound imaging

The system includes a soft tissue body form with internal and external landmarks and a simulated probe. The torso has 258 unique probe locations providing a normal image for each window. The system's software platform allows users to expand SonoMan's capabilities with additional training modules.

Skill Development:

  • Read diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Identify external and internal landmarks for a variety of diagnostic exams

Features and Benefits:

  • Simulated ultrasound probe that plugs into a PC
  • Software that allows any PC to simulate an ultrasound machine (PC/Laptop not included)
  • Body form with embedded targets for each of the viewing windows, depending on the module
  • Transverse and longitudinal viewing options
  • All images and videos are of actual patients - both normal and abnormal
  • Mentor mode allows users to activate the onscreen labels of any of the digital images
  • Each module includes an instructor (teaching) and student (exam) mode.

* The SonoMan System is not sold separately - one or more modules must also be purchased. PC/Laptop not included.

Sonoman Brochure - (1.03MB)

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