CentraLineWearŽ System

How do you incorporate CentraLineMan, the most widely used CVC training solution into a manikin of your own? With CentraLineWearŽ, the newest in our SimuWear line of wearable procedural trainers.

Laerdal SonoSim Solution

Laerdal and SonoSimŽ proudly announce the integration of the SonoSimŽ Ultrasound Training Solution into the Laerdal patient simulator platform, starting with the SimMan family and SimMom. This means you can now include diagnostic ultrasound featuring real ultrasound cases with pathological findings into full-scale simulations.

SonoSim LiveScan

Bringing Ultrasound simulation to life

SonoManŽ Diagnostic Ultrasound Simulator

SonoMan is an affordable diagnostic ultrasound training platform designed for physicians to become proficient in the use of trauma, emergency/bedside ultrasound in evaluating critically ill patients.

SonoSim - The Easiest Way to Learn Ultrasonography

The SonoSimŽ Ultrasound Training Solution is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use ultrasound training solution available

SonoSkinŽ Trade-in for FAST and eFAST

SonoSkin is a wearable, diagnostic ultrasound training platform that's easily added to virtually any training scenario for FAST and eFAST exam learning. SonoSkin can be worn on a standardized patient, TraumaMan or your patient simulator.

Ultrasound Paracentesis Trainer

This ultrasound compatible trainer allows the user to perform diagnostic and/or therapeutic paracentesis.

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The Limbs & Things Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer is an ultrasound compatible, anatomically correct adult right Knee, for teaching the fundamentals of joint injection to both postgraduates and undergraduates.
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3B Scientific launched the innovative concept of combining extensive virtual content with its original anatomical models called 3B Smart Anatomy in July 2019.
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SonoSim's new aorta and IVC real-patient scanning cases are available in the Aorta/IVC Core Clinical Module
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