Sectra Virtual Dissection Table




The SECTRA anatomy visualization table significantly improves medical education with real patient cases and pre-operative planning with patient visualization tools.

SECTRA Table is a large interactive screen with an image display system that enables interaction with 3D human body images rendered from CT or MR. Detailed studies of virtual bodies from real patient cases provide medical students with a better understanding of anatomy functions and variations between individuals. Users can visualize skeletal tissue, muscles, organs and soft tissue by virtually slicing, segmenting or peeling off layers of tissue. In addition to the real patient cases, an extensive anatomy atlas is also included.

Moreover, 3D views give surgeons a unique possibility to become familiar with their patients' anatomy prior to surgery. Without invasive intervention, the surgical team can localize vessels, muscles and skeletal tissue and thus plan the surgery more efficiently. It increases quality in surgery and reduces operation and rehabilitation time as unplanned issues can be avoided.

Sectra Education Portal
Education Portal allows you to store and share educational cases with your students and residents. It also allows cases to be shared with hospitals and universities around the globe, enabling different departments and institutions to collaborate.

Virtual dissection with real-life cases
SECTRA Table is the optimal addition when cadaver-based dissection course is not available, or when there are too few cadavers. This way, teaching institutions can increase the exposure to anatomy and hands-on practice for every student and allow them to perform the virtual dissection repeatedly, without depleting existing resources.

Efficient group interaction
The 55� multi-touch screen allows users to interact with the virtual body simply by touching the screen. As a result, tactile learning is supported and learning process facilitated. Students and instructors can easily gather around the Table for group discussions and examinations. Unique format and touch interface allows easy command handover between one another.

Perfect communication tool
The large monitor and intuitive touch interface of the SECTRA Table supports group discussions, providing endless opportunities for collaboration between doctors, medical students and clinical staff. It is also an efficient tool for communication with patients and can be used for a procedure acceptance, or simply by doctors and patients for 3D scan consultation.  

The result of research
The SECTRA Table is a result of the successful combination of applied research, medical technology and advanced computer science. It has been developed in cooperation with Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Visualization Center C, The Interactive Institute and Link�ping University in Sweden.

Benefit from existing experience
The SECTRA Table is built on SECTRA PACS, an image management system well established in the radiology market. Over 20 years of experience and more than 1,700 successful installations developed the technology at hand.

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