Hand & Wrist for Joint Injection

An articulated right hand & wrist used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for the treatment of injuries & arthritis.

Developed in collaboration with Dr Trevor Silver, whose book on Joint and Soft Tissue Injection (5th edition) is included.

Skills Gained:

  • Patient posture and management
  • Identifying anatomical landmarks
  • Relevance of digital movement for presentation of injection sites
  • Injection in 4 specific areas:
    • carpal tunnel 
    • trigger finger/tendon sheath injection
    • de Quervains sheath
    • first metacarpal joint
  • Precise placement of needle to avoid median nerve


Product Anatomy:

Simulates normal anatomical reference points for: 

  • carpal tunnel
  • palmaris longus tendon
  • distal wrist crease
  • tendon to the flexor carpi radials


Product Qualities:

  • Articulated joints
  • Easy-to-use Feedback Console: LEDs light up when correct injection sites have been acquired and when the median nerve has been hit
  • Supplied with ‘No Trace’ marker (non-permanent rapidly fading ink) for illustrating underlying anatomical landmarks
  • NB: Not suitable for use with ultrasound
  • Contains latex

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