Learning to make quick decisions during child birth can mean the difference between life and death.


Train for the low-frequency, high-risk incidents


SimMom provides a tetherless training solution for novice learners and healthcare providers alike to practice and prepare for critical events so that more lives can be saved.


SimMom can also be fitted with a non-gravid abdominal skin to expand the scope of your simulation training. Early stage pregnancy cases can now be simulated as well as expanding the use of SimMom into a non-pregnant female patient simulator.



SimMom focuses learners on all stages of labor, from ante partum to post partum.


SimMom is available with both manual and optional automatic delivery modules which allow for consistent training and competency development.


Expand your simulations with options of a flat abdomen and the Laerdal SonoSim ultrasound solution for diagnostic training. This versatility allows learners to address simple general women's health care and complex obstetrical scenarios. SimMom provides opportunities for enhanced in-situ training with cross functional teams, from the ER to OR.



Reduce Complications & Improve Patient Outcomes


SimMom is our most advanced labour and delivery simulator yet is easy to use and adaptable, allowing instructors to accommodate individual student or team learning needs at basic or advanced levels.


An instructor can freely walk around the room whilst they assess and control a training session using a wireless connection. This makes SimMom ideal for training In-Situ which has been shown to have a positive correlation to improving team performance and reducing patient risk.


Use SimMom:


  • For training in pre- to post-natal care.
  • As a hybrid trainer or full body patient simulator.
  • With or without the optional Automatic Delivery Module.



Ultrasound Solution for SimMom


An optional Ultrasound Solution has been embedded to gravid and non-gravid abdomen skins to help improve point-of-care diagnostics training, and visually determine the health of the fetus and mother.


Learn more about the Ultrasound Solution


Interested in adding automatic delivery to your training?


Optional Automatic Delivery Module can be used with new and exisiting SimMom simulators to run automatic and manual birthing scenarios in training.


Adds standardisation to every training session allowing instructors to concentrate on evaluating students


Operate using LLEAP


Operate this simulator, as well as all other Laerdal PC-operated simulators, with LLEAP software. LLEAP brings simplicity to running simulation training and efficiencies to the management and development of scenarios.


From basic assessment scenarios to highly complex clinical cases, LLEAP offers ease of use while delivering the performance required by even the most experienced simulation user.

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