Mama Birthie

Educating learners and improving competencies demands a wide range of high quality training tools. Identifying and managing potential adverse events can help ensure safe patient care.

MamaBirthie is ideal for training in birthing assessment and can be used for basic skill acquisition and competency development for all stages of labor. It can be used as a tabletop model for demonstration or worn to facilitate simulation.


Key benefits

Wearable to accommodate                                     Assess fetal positioning                          

birthing in various positions                                   and vaginal examination

                                                                                     with cevical inserts and 

                                                                                     simulated membranes


Gain tactile feedback                                                 Evaluate high risk births;

during shoulder dystocia                                           including breech, cord prolapse and

from BabyBirthie's sophisticated                              partial placenta delivery

neck mechanism          



           Ways to use MamaBirthie  



Latest News

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