Vital Signs - The Simsuit System

A Hybrid Simulation Solution for Standardized Patient Assessment.


The SimSuit is a garment worn by a Standardized Patient (SP) for the purpose of simulating physiological conditions to test a Student or an examiner's diagnostic and procedural skills. The SimSuit, controlled wirelessly by simulation software, enhances the exam performance by responding in real time to diagnosis and treatment while providing feedback to the SP and instructor



Used in conjunction with the SimScope™ Wifi, instructors can adjust and adapt the suit scenarios to fit many conditions wirelessly. Featuring 5-wire ECG connections, pulse points, blood pressure cuff accessory, as well as auscultation capabilities, the SimSuit is capable of recreating many simulated medical situations to supplement almost any curriculum.


  • Features
  • Simulation of heart, breath, and bowel sounds
  • Carotid, radial, and brachial artery pulses
  • 5-wire ECG Connection
  • Blood pressure cuff accessory
  • Simulates multiple physiological conditions
  • Real time diagnostics and treatment capabilities
  • Cardionics SimScope Wifi and tablet included with system
  • Wearable technology which can be used on live patients or manikins

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