3M Littmann Listen-In Mobile Kit


Now, educators can share heart and lung sounds with multiple students simultaneously. Through the use of a Bluetooth-enabled Dell tablet, users can pair up to seven Littmann® Model 3200 stethoscopes. While one stethoscope acts as the presenting stethoscope, the others can hear the same sounds through their own stethoscope.


The Listen-In Mobile App can improve the confidence of both the instructor and the students by ensuring that the sounds being heard are accurate. Additionally, the application enforces correct anatomical positioning through both observation and interaction.


With the press of a button, users can effortlessly sync their Littmann® Model 3200 stethoscopes to the included Dell Tablet and immediately begin listening in. Once synced, educators are able to quickly and easily switch the presenting stethoscope to enable students to assume the leading role within the group.


Each 3M™ Littmann® Listen-In Mobile Kit includes:


  • A Set of either five or seven award-winning 3M™ Littmann® Electronics Stethoscopes Model 3200
  • A dedicated Dell Venue 8 Tablet with Listen-In app installed


Major benefits and features:


  • Easy-to-use mobile app syncs with multi-functional, award-winning stethoscopes to allow for maximum usability and performance.
  • May reduce the length and increases the efficiency of teaching sessions and rounds.
  • Presenting stethoscope can be easily switched to listening stethoscope, enabling teacher to listen to student perform the auscultation.
  • Equivalent sound reproduction between one presenting stethoscope and up to four listening stethoscopes.
  • Improves the confidence of both educator and trainee, because there is certainty of the sounds that are being heard simultaneously.
  • Presenting stethoscope controls the filter (Bell, Diaphragm, Extended Range) on all stethoscopes while each stethoscope has independent control of the volume.
  • Enforces the execution of establishing correct anatomical locations by both observation and interaction.
  • Functional in both clinical and learning systems.
  • May be used in conjunction with SAM II, PAT or standardized patients.


Product Details



5 Stethoscope Set Catalog #: 718-3705

7 Stethoscope Set Catalog #: 718-3707

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