CardioSim™ VII

The CardioSim™ VII is a unique system for teaching, learning, and recording heart sounds, breath sounds, and ECG. It is the culmination of nearly 30 years of continuous improvement in the state of the art technology from cardionics.


The CardioSim™ VII is the only system available that allows an instructor to create custom simulated heart sounds Editing of S1, S2, murmurs, clicks, third and fourth heart sounds, heart rate, etc. allows the instructor to accentuate the particular aspects of the sound that is being studied.


No other cardiology teaching tool offers an instructor the classroom presentation abilities of the CardioSim™. Enhance student's learning process by developing your own pre-programmed lectures. The CardioSim™ hundreds of simulated and live recorded sounds, built-in heart animations, ultrasound live video images, and dissection slides provide and extensive library of information from which to create your lecture. Project your lecture into any small classroom or auditorium.


CardioSim™ for Research


Utilize the CardioSim™ in your research with its Heart, Lung, and ECG recording capabilities. All recordings can be stored and accessed for classroom use or attached to reference documents such as PowerPoint slides.


Record heart or lung sounds and ECG from actual patients to create your own case studies and provide students with the ability to compare the simulated sounds to actual sounds.


  • Features
  • Animations - There are over 125 animations on the CardioSim™ VII. For example, in studying mitral stenosis the student can view a calcified mitral valve or watch an animation of mitral stenoisis in a beating heart.

  • Images - The CardioSim™ includes many images. Instructors can add their own slides and images, if desired.

  • Expanded Real Heart Sound Library – The real heart sounds library has been expanded to approximately 200 real heart sounds.

  • Preprogrammed Lectures - To present a lecture, sounds (both simulated or real) can be preprogrammed. Each may have as many as eight lectures.

  • New simulated sounds - The library of simuated sounds has been expanded to provide a variety of comparisons such as the differnce between a split S2, OS, and S3

CardioSim™ VII

The CardioSim™ VII & PneumoSim are unique systems for teaching, learning, and recording heart sounds, breath sounds, and ECG. It is the culmination of nearly 30 years of continuous improvement in the state of the art from Cardionics.

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