PneumatoSim™ pneumatic otoscopy training system

PneumatoSim™ is an add-on to the OtoSim 2™, and focuses on pneumatic otoscopy. Through hands-on insufflation and otoscopy experience, students can enhance their skills and confidence in using a pneumatic otoscope. Give your students a better learning experience to excel in the clinical environment.




When we first launched the OtoSim™ Otoscopy Training & Simulation System, many of our customers told us that Pneumatic Otoscopy was a critical feature that was missing. At OtoSim Inc, we listened to your feedback and are pleased to present the PneumatoSim™ Pneumatic Otoscopy Upgrade Kit.


  • PNEUMATOSIM™ UPGRADED SOFTWARE – Easy to install and is built into the OtoSim™ software for quick access—no need to switch between different programs
  • PNEUMATOSIM™ CONTENT – Identify and be familiar with the way the tympanic membrane behaves and looks when insufflated under various ear pathologies
  • VERIFIABLE SCENARIOS – Pressure applied is measured and displayed on a pressure graph, and the ear drum moves with the amount of pressure applied to build student confidence and technique
  • REALISTIC EARFORM – Pneumatic ear is easily interchangeable with the regular ear on the OtoSim™ base unit and allows students to make a proper seal at the opening of the ear canal with the pneumatic otoscope
  • Pneumatic Ear with Pressure Hose
  • Pneumatic Otoscope
  • PneumatoSim™ Software & Manual on USB Key
  • 1-Year Warranty (Extended Warranties for a total of 2 or 3 years are available for purchase)
  • Protective Case

Note: PneumatoSim™ requires OtoSim 2™ or OtoSim 1™ to function

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