Lumbar Puncture Model

The Lumbar Puncture Model is designed for early years training. It features replaceable tissue inserts, durable spine and dura that accurately recreate the feel of puncturing the dura and the collection and measurement of CSF.

Its separate spine and replaceable tissue mean the model is a cost-effective way to train large numbers of students.


  • Can feel when the dura has been punctured


  • All inserts compatible with common base
  • Rotatable skin to ensure cost-effective training


  • After each use drain all water from the product and clean with a damp soft cloth or sponge, using only warm water with mild detergent


  • Latex free

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Iliac Crest Insert

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Iliac Crest Insert Product No. 61020

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Sacral Insert

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Sacral Insert. Product No. 61021

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Skin Pad

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Skin Pad Product No. 61015

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Stand

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Stand

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Standard Dura (x2)

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Standard Dura (x2) Product No. 61017

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Torso with Torso Skin

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Torso with Torso Skin

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Water Container

Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Water Container

Lumbar Puncture Insert - Tissue (x2)

Lumbar Puncture Insert - Tissue (x2) Product No. 61011

Lumbar Puncture Insert – Bone

Lumbar Puncture Insert – Bone Product No. 61010

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