Adult/Paediatric Demo Lung

Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung

Demonstrate the dynamics of patient-ventilator interaction in a very intuitive, visual fashion.



Adult Demo Lung Flyer - (530kb)


The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung Model is a portable two-bellows lung simulator with easy control of compliance, resistance, and leak settings to simulate a wide spectrum of patient scenarios (pediatric to adult).

Intended Use

Hands-on ventilator training and demonstration with no risk to patients


Pressure Monitoring

Built-in pressure gauges show differences between airway and lung compartment pressure.


Compact and Portable

Take the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung along wherever you need it (12.5?? x 10?? (318 X 230 mm) footprint).


Two-Bellows System

Realistic simulation of compartmentalized lung problems (leaks, resistive anomalies).



  • Multiple compliance settings easily simulate a wide range of patient scenarios, including over-distention.
  • Adjustable resistance and leak settings (ET-tube and lung leak) allow you to show a variety of patient conditions.
  • Patient inspiratory efforts can be simulated by manually raising the bellows.
  • Pressure gauges show airway as well as lung pressures.

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