Nutrition Education

A1C Levels An Inside Look Model

Capture viewers' undivided attention with this clever divided model. One half represents healthy blood glucose and A1C levels by depicting a small number of glucose particles and a red blood cell model that has few glucose particles attached to it.

Complete MyPlate Kit

This kit combines five plates, the display rack, and the food kit for your complete MyPlate educational teaching kit.

Death of An Artery Easel Display

These handpainted, cross-sectional, 3-D models of arteries show patients and students the various stages of plaque build up.

MyPlate Cling Place Mats

These plastic place mats, which are also food clings, are an engaging nutrition teaching tool.

MyPlate Plate

A durable plastic plate featuring the new USDA graphic to help us all fill half our plate with fruits and vegetables, a whole grain, and a low fat proteins, as well as adding a low fat dairy choice

MyPlate Poster with Key Phrases

Unique MyPlate poster shows 13 key phrases providing clear messages about what to eat and how using the MyPlate technique will make you healthier.

MyPlate Tear Pad with Food Group Tips

The tear pad front shows the MyPlate image while the back gives tips for eating wisely in all five food groups. A simple concise tool to use in nutrition education and send home with each participant.

MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats

The tear pad front shows the MyPlate image with appropriate food choices in each spot on the plate, while the back has simple fill-in-the-blank questions to use as a study guide or reminder for those learning good nutrition.

Healthy Eating Out Flip Chart

By outlining ways to make healthy choices from restaurant menus, this flip chart helps to solve the "eating-out dilemma."

Obesity Model

We typically think of fat in terms of how it makes us look on the outside, but this cross-sectional model of the hips cleverly turns the issue inside-out.

Vat of Fat

Explaining how calorie intake translates into weight gain is simplified with this graphic and informative display.

Visualize Your Portion Size Display

For dinner last night, I had a deck of cards, two light bulbs, and a tennis ball! Featuring clever mash-ups of common foods and household objects this display trains viewers' eyes to recognize portion sizes by relating them to everyday things

Why Blood Pressure Checks Can Save Your Life Easel Display

Patients and students learn the importance of blood pressure checks when they see these handpainted, 3-D models of arteries and this cross section of the brain.

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