Obstetrics and Babies

Baby Libby

This full silicone baby is born premature around 30 weeks and weighs 1420 gram.

Baby Natalie

Baby Natalie, full term foetus in soft silicon, ready to be born. Bend legs to fit in uterus. Clamped umbilical cord.

Baby Oliver

Baby Oliver is a full term new born baby in soft silicon. He is 50 cm long and weighs in at 3010 grams

Breathless Suzie

Suzie is a freestanding model of a premature born baby girl with breathing problems. She has an open mouth which shows a blockage

Large pregnant belly large

Large pregnant belly full term in sturdy silicon. complete with vulva, pubic hair and urethra opening.

Placenta and umbilical cord

This model comes in 2 varieties. Made with soft stretchy silicone. The cord can be attached to sim baby.

Pregnant belly

Around 7 month pregnant belly made with a sturdy silicon. Velcro sides and fabric backing

Pregnant belly medium size

Pregnant belly in sturdy silicon. Pregnancy around 30 weeks.

Premmie Patrick

Medic FX and Starship hospital in Auckland have worked together to develop a manikin specific to a neonatal team training scenario: Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC)

Torso Female

Full silicone female torso skin to fit a person or a manikin.

Torso Female velcro

Full silicone female torso skin to fit a person or a manikin.

Umbilical Cord

Cord with domes on both ends to attach baby with the placenta. Can be cut and repaired with repair kit


Very stretchy soft uterus that can be used for emergency C-section and other obstetrics training.

Uterus and ovaries

Small realistic looking uterus with ovaries that can be used for training purposes or can be placed inside abdominal models.

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