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 Nursing Anne Simulator




Helping you train for the highest level of care


From basic assessment to advanced practice

The first nursing simulator to cover every aspect of modern nursing education, Nursing Anne Simulator offers safe and realistic practice on core nursing skills - from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions. 

This simulator can be used as a highly realistic patient simulator as well as a skills trainer.


A modular platform

One Simulator - Many Patients

Nursing Anne Simulator is a modular platform consisting of a variety of accessories and interchangeable parts that facilitate a variety of simulated patients and provide unique training opportunities.


Male Module  




Extends clinical skills and simulation training across genders to better prepare students for the care of diverse patient.


Geriatric Module





Providing the physical realism needed to help learners reflect on the uncertainties, complications, and complexities of geriatric nursing realities.


African Descent module




Provides learners with added realism to help develop cultural competence and situational awareness about cultural characteristics that can play a major role in a patients care.


Staged Wound Feet



Feet skin accessories that represent staged wounds for advanced skills practice with diabetic, pressure ulcer or bed sore feet.


Postsurgical Mastectomy Skin




Learners can practice post-surgical care skills for a patient who has undergone a mastectomy procedure.

Wound Assessment Care Kit



Skin modules to help learners identify, assess and treat different types of patient wounds.


Subcutaneous Injection Pads



Absorbable pads placed under the skin to help learners with skills training of administering injections.


All modules for Nursing Anne Simulator


  • Staged Wound Feet Set
  • Postsurgical Mastectomy Skin
  • Wound Assessment Care Kit
  • Blonde Wig
  • Blue Eye Inserts
  • Male Genitalia Kit
  • Ostomy Set
  • Subcutaneous Injection Pads
  • Dark Skin Simulator Version
  • African Descent Front Skin
  • Curly Hair Wig - Dark



Accurate clinical procedures



Realistic patient care procedures

Including placement and care of NG tubes, gastric lavage, and gavage, complete urinary catheterization.


Anatomical landmarks

Palpation of anatomy includes clavicle, scapula, and anterior superior iliac crest. You can also train on IM injections that require palpation for proper insertion locations. 


Evaluate patient consciousness

Conscious patient characteristics including spontaneous breathing and blinking eyes.


Designed for nursing education



Auscultation diagnostic

Teach learners how to auscultate anterior and posterior lung sounds as well as heart and bowel sounds.


Medication and fluids

Train on  infusion of fluids and medication with bilateral (pre-ported) IV arms and central line catheter. 


Train on CPR

CPR capabilities including compressions and ventilation. 


Bilateral assessment

Perform realistic vital signs assessment with bilateral blood pressures and pulses.



 Highly realistic




Tetherless operation

Let learners interact realistically with wireless and tetherless operation.


Realistic articulation

Realistic patient handing and movement with bilateral articulating elbows, positional head, and bendable waist allowing her to sit up unassisted or be placed in tripod position.


Expand the scope of training

Take your training to the next level with add-on accessory modules that facilitate clinical training focused on learning objectives geared toward mastectomy care, wound assessment and general patient care.


Covering every aspect of modern nursing curriculum

Fundamentals of Nursing


Nursing Anne Simulators feature set supports nursing curricula. With learning objectives at the core of the design, Nursing Anne Simulator is the ideal simulator to teach the fundamental skills of nursing.


From assessment and diagnosis skills, through planning, implementation and evaluation, Nursing Anne Simulator allows learners to experience successes and mistakes while gaining the necessary confidence in a safe environment.


Nurse Orientation


The transition from nursing school to clinical practice can be challenging. Effective onboarding that includes realistic, hands-on simulation training is critical to a nurses success and to the safety of patients. 


Delivering new hire training with Nursing Anne Simulator provides the ability to practice local protocols, test systems, and ensure patient safety procedures using a highly realistic female patient simulator.


This can help accelerate the preparedness of new nurses as they enter practice.




Pharmacology is one of the most important elements in nursing education. From dosage and administration to monitoring the effects, nurses must work cross functionally to ensure safe medication practice.


Nursing Anne Simulator allows learners to administer medication via IV, CVP, nasogastric, IM, anal and vaginal routes. They can administer medication and experience realistic responses from the simulator.


Health Assessment


Nurses have many responsibilities, including assessing the needs of their patients. The initial health assessment is vital to the patients continuous well-being.  


Training with Nursing Anne Simulator allows learners to use their knowledge of medical equipment to check breathing rate, bilateral blood pressure assessment, heart rate, and various other health indicators that help determine a course of action.


 Learners get immediate feedback from the simulator and the simulated patient monitor.




Medical surgical nursing is a unique and comprehensive specialty, responding to the wide variety of problems patients may experience.


Nursing Anne Simulator can help simulate med-surg scenarios allowing learners to practice skills such as starting bilateral intravenous (IV) fluids, administering medications, patient positioning and hygiene.


Healthcare professionals can also practice measuring and recording vital signs, changing dressings, and management of post-operative treatment.


Mental Health


One nursing specialty that is experiencing growing demand for workers is psychology and mental health. Nurses play a vital role in the psychiatric care process.


Common scenarios using Nursing Anne Simulator:


  • Evaluating the mental health needs of patients, using 2-way communication

  • Assessing patient consciousness

  • Providing personal support and care to the patient

  • Giving medications




Medical Administration


  • Administration of eardrops
  • Oral via NG tube
  • Bilateral pre-ported IV arms with capability for intravenous bolus or push through intravenous infusion when attached to a fluid bag
  • Optional female multi-venous IV training arm with capability of IV cannulation placement
  • Bilateral deltoid, ventral gluteal, dorsal gluteal and thigh injection sites
  • Palpable anatomy to aid in site selection includes anterior superior iliac crest, pubic symphysis and greater trochanter
  • Vaginal canal allows for insertion of vaginal suppositories or medications
  • Anal opening will accept real and simulated rectal suppositories




  • Wig for hair care procedures
  • Ear canal for practice of irrigation and cleaning
  • Oral care and hygiene
  • Removable upper denture for oral and denture care
  • Bed baths and skin care
  • Patient simulator shall allow manipulation into dorsal recumbent position for perineal care
  • Perineal care, including separation of the labia for cleansing 


Skin Integrity and Wound Care


  • Patient positioning for prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Bandage and binder application
  • Nasal packing
  • Dressing and dressing changes
  • Toes spread for bandaging


Patient Handling


  • Full articulation for realistic patient handling procedures
  • Head can be flexed into chin to chest position and remain flexed until repositioned
  • Sits unassisted and bends at waist to tripod position
  • Protective positioning
  • Patient transfer techniques
  • Range of motion exercises




  • Accurate anatomical landmarks for insertion of NG Tube to correct measurement (nose to earlobe to xiphoid process)
  • Lavage and gavage
  • Invisible port in upper left abdomen for pre-placement of a PEG or J tube for feeding
  • Internal reservoir with 500mL fluid capacity, external quick fill port, and optional external bag for large volume feeding

 Urinary Elimination


  • Female genitalia with realistic anatomy, includes labia majora, labia minora, urethral opening, clitoris, and vaginaLabia minora in naturally closed position, when opened exposes urethral opening
  • Manipulation into supine position with knees flexed is possible
  • Genitalia accepts straight or indwelling catheters
  • Genitalia attaches to an internal system including an internal urinary reservoir for urinary catheterization with ability to pressurize reservoir for proper fluid return
  • Intermittent closed catheter irrigation
  • Urinary reservoir has external quick access port for ease in filling


Bowel Elimination


  • Manipulation into Sims position for enema administration possible
  • Genitalia attaches to external reservoir bag for enema administration
  • Anal opening will accept real and simulated rectal suppositories
  • Ascending colostomy stoma with through hole connects to fluid reservoir for irrigation procedure
  • Three interchangeable stomas, include normal, dusky (non-perfusing), and infected
  • Changing and emptying ostomy appliance


Oxygenation & Perfusion


  • Realistic airway with uvula, epiglottis, vocal cords and esophagus
  • Various oxygen delivery methods with visible chest rise including nasal cannula, masks, trach collar/mask, CPAP device
  • Bag-mask ventilation
  • Suctioning (Oral & Nasopharyngeal)
  • Concealed port in neck for insertion of tracheostomy tube
  • Trache care tracheal suctioning (simulated)Ventilations with chest rise

Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance

  • Invisible port below the clavicle for pre-placement of central line catheter for site care, dressing change, flushing lines, and continuous or intermittent infusion
  • Internal central line reservoir with 500mL fluid capacity, with option to use an external reservoir bag for large volume infusions
  • Optional female multi-venous IV training arm with capability of IV cannulation placement, fluid administration and venipuncture


Scenarios and Debriefing


  • Operating system is capable of operating via Automatic Mode (pre-programmed scenarios) and Manual Mode (on-the-fly to modify the parameters of the scenario in real time)
  • Operating system can integrate with debriefing software, which combines synchronized student log, patient monitor display, live audio and video feed in a single debriefing file
  • System may be used with a web camera
  • Operating system can connect to an online store that sells pre-programmed scenarios and scenario aids that can be imported to the instructor remote or PC




Nursing Anne Simulator is compatible with the following systems/software:

LLEAP Laerdal Learning Application, SimPad PLUS System, SimPad Classic System (backwards compatible), SimStore, SimManager, SimView / SimView Mobile, Session Viewer, ShockLink, ASL 5000 Lung Solution


Optional Accessories


  • ShockLink
  • Zoll Defibrillator Connector (ShockLink), Physio Control Quick Combo Connector (ShockLink)
  • Multi-Venous IV Training Arm




Pre-recorded single vocal sounds can be either played at a controllable volume, as a single occurrence or continuously repeated, including:

  • Cough, ­Moan, ­Vomit, ­SOB, Breathing (continuous sound), ­Scream, Yes, ­No
  • Optional wireless headset/ microphone allows user to talk through simulator




  • Blinking eyes with adjustable blink rateAbility to open, close or partially close for consciousness cue
  • Interchangeable pupils (normal, dilated, constricted)




  • Spontaneous breathing synchronized with selected breath rate (0-60 bpm)Bilateral chest rise




  • Palpable pulse synchronized with ECG
  • Adjustable in strength (weak, normal and strong)
  • Bilateral carotid pulses (same pulse left and right)
  • Brachial and radial pulses in the right and left arm, with right and left independent control
  • Brachial pulse disabled and turned off if the pressure in the cuff is larger than 20 mmhg
  • Radial pulse turned off when the pressure in the BP cuff is larger or equal to the set systolic BP
  • Bilateral femoral pulses (same pulse left and right)Bilateral pedal pulses with right and left independent control


Non-Invasive Blood Pressure


  • Bilateral measurement of non-invasive blood pressure (auscultated or palpated)
  • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with programmable ECG
  • Korotkoff volume control in 10 steps (0-9) available in both arms
  • Auscultatory gap on/ off featurePressure range of 0-300mmHg


Sounds Auscultation


Heart, lung and bowel sounds may be auscultated with real stethoscope when used with SimPad PLUS, SimPad Classic, or LLEAP


Lung Sounds


  • Anterior and posterior lung sounds synchronized with the set breathing rate (0-60 bpm) and chest rise on the manikin
  • ­Normal, Coarse crackles, Fine crackles, Pleural rub, Pneumonia, Rhonchi, Stridor, Wheezes, No Sound
  • Lung sound and sound volume may be set individually for each lung left and right, upper and lower
  • Anterior and posterior lung sound auscultation sites


Heart Sounds


  • Heart sounds synchronized with the ECG (QRS)
  • Normal, Aortic stenosis, Austin Flint Murmur, Friction Rub, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Systolic Murmur, Diastolic Murmur, OS 70ms / Open Snap MS
  • Non-perfusing rhythms will not generate heart sounds


Bowel Sounds


  • Four independently controlled auscultation areas for bowel sounds, centered around the umbilicus
  • Volume control in each quadrant
  • Bowel sounds are continuous repetitive sounds repeated infinitely
  • Normal, Hyperactive, Borborygmus, Hypoactive, No Sound
  • Auscultation of fetal heart tones, instead of bowel sounds, are available for auscultation from the abdomen
  • Fetal Normal 140bpm, Fetal Tachycardia 200bpm, Fetal Bradycardia 100bpm




Palpable anatomy for assessment and site location, including:

Clavicle, sternum, spine, ribs (front and sides), xiphoid process, scapula, anterior superior iliac crest, pubic symphysis, and greater trochanter




  • Completely wireless and self-contained
  • Internal electrical and pneumatic power
  • Supplemental wired connectivity and power
  • Wirelessly integrates with existing computer networks
  • SimPad System (backwards compatible)
  • SimPad PLUS System
  • Laerdal Learning Application - LLEAP
  • Tablet PC Instructor  Patient Monitor, Rugged Table Instructor PC  Patient Monitor, Laptop LLEAP Instructor PC  Patient Monitor, All-in-One Panel PC Instructor-Patient Monitor
  • Wireless Headset


  • CPR Capable
  • Oral/Nasal Intubation
  • Supraglottic Airway Insertion
  • BVM Ventilation
  • Head tilt/Chin lift
  • Jaw thrust w/articulated jawSellicks Manuver
  • Chest compressions with maximum compression depth of 70mm
  • BLS rhythm ECG monitoring capabilities when used with SimPad Plus, SimPad Classic or LLEAP, and ShockLink




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