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The simulated patient monitor REALITi Plus by iSimulate is the basic version of the REALITi360 Ecosystem and allows medical educators to run multiple scenarios from basic to sophisticated. It is really a mobile sim center in a bag. You are not confined to a particular location and can conduct your training and evaluation in-situ in an ambulance, a helicopter, a hospital setting or in a sim center or skills lab. You are only limited by your imagination.

With REALITi Plus, users get to choose 1 simulated proprietary patient monitor screen so you can provide training on the vital signs monitors you use in real life in hospital and in pre-hospital settings. In a medical or nursing undergraduate environment, you could even consider adding additional monitors to prepare your students for multiple monitor types they are likely to encounter during their careers. 

REALITi Plus by iSimulate is a smart, integrated and modular simulation ecosystem for more reality and flexibility in your simulation training. It is a complete in-situ patient monitor simulator with simulated patient records.


REALITi Plus mimics real defibrillators, monitors and ventilators:

Working with leading defibrillator and monitor manufacturers, iSimulate have created hyper-realistic interfaces which look and work like the real thing.


  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Looks, sounds and functions like a real patient monitor
  • Standalone ventilator simulator can be used independently
  • Ventilator works in portrait and landscape modes



Additional patient monitor screens are constantly being developed and added by the iSimulate team. Please have a look at the list below to see all patient monitors/ vital signs monitors and defibrillators to choose from:


  • corpuls1 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • corpuls3 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • corpuls® AED Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • CARESCAPE™ B40 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 1000 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 15 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • LIFEPAK® 20 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Medtronic Capnostream™ 35 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Philips IntelliVue MX800 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Philips HeartStart MRx Emergency Care Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Philips HeartStart MRx for Hospital Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Welch Allyn Connex® VSM 6000 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® Propaq® MD Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® R Series® Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Zoll® X Series® Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Schiller DEFIGARD Touch 7 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Schiller PHYSIOGARD Touch 7 Patient Monitor Screen Simulation



Additionally, the following generic patient monitor simulations are included:


  • Generic Screen - Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - AED Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Vital Signs Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Vital Signs with Single Waveform Simulation



REALITi Plus offers millions of waveforms, from a single touch:

Users can add ectopics, arrythmias and artifacts to any ECG waveform.


  • PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction), ), PAC (Premature Atrial Contraction) and PJC (Premature Junctional Contraction) can be added to any ECG waveform
  • Sinus arrhythmia linked to respiratory rate
  • Artifacts and electrical interference
  • Includes Critical Care Waveforms - CVP (Central Venous Pressure), ICP (Intracranial Pressure) and PAP (Pulmonary Artery Pressure)
  • Waveform preview shows trends



REALITi Plus has a built in radiology and 12 lead ECG library:

In collaboration with Life in the Fast Lane REALITi offers a complete library of resources.


  • Curated radiology images
  • Dynamic 12 lead ECG library
  • Advanced ECG lead control



REALITi Plus fosters engaging assessment for students and distance based learning:

Easy to use checklist interface for simple student assessment. Add the REALITi Engage App to allow observers to comment, vote and view media.


  • The Checklist interface is completely configurable and easy to use
  • Observers can use the REALITi Engage App on their mobile devices
  • Export a complete report of the simulation for student records



REALITi Plus includes a built in Training Management System to collect all your simulation data in one central location:


  • Event log, CPR compressions, vital signs history, scoring, waveforms, video and all other data saved on Control
  • Video is transferred to Control at the end of a scenario and can be exported with vital signs parameters overlaid
  • Browse past scenarios and students
  • Export scenarios reports as a PDF to share
  • Export all data as CSV to share



Simulated patient records become real with REALITi Plus:

With REALITi Chart you have a simulated patient record to view radiology, 12 lead ECGs and laboratory results in real time.


The REALITi 360 Patient Monitor App – now available with new features in the V9 Release:

The iSimulate team has just announced the release of the V9 Build of the REALITi360 patient monitor simulator. With the update, users now have the following new features available:


  • Critical Care Waveforms - CVP, ICP and PAP
  • Multiple ECGs are now 12 leads
  • Classification of imported media on Control with options: General, Ultrasound, Laryngoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Radiography
  • COVID 19 scenarios



When media is chosen to be shown on the monitor, depending on the category chosen on Control, the media will now be displayed inside a simulated device (i.e. Laryngoscopy images now show inside a Karl Storz CMAC device). Whether or not static HR tones or saturation tones are played is now also configurable per device.


  • The waveform preview will now show trends
  • The critical care waveforms now show on a separate graph in the PDF report
  • The Schiller Defigard Auto-Screenshot has been added as a setting
  • 12 leads have been added for Atrial Tachycardia and Atrial Flutters
  • Significant improvements to 12 lead ECGs across the board
  • 3rd Degree Heart Block 12 lead ECG
  • A custom UI for displaying the critical care waveforms has been added to the GE CareScape
  • The QRS volume function has been added to Corpuls3
  • Scale options for arterial lines and CVP have been added to the GE CareScape
  • Scenario details are now sent to the chart as documents when the scenario starts
  • The CPR game is available



Please have a look at the Version Release Notes PDF here to see all additional improvement and bug fixes.

Delivery content of REALITi Plus by iSimulate:


  • 1 branded patient monitor screens of your choice
  • 1 “Patient Monitor Simulation Bag”
  • 1 Simulation Accessory Set with:
    • 3 leadwires ECG cable snap
    • 7 leadwires ECG cable snap
    • 10 leads ECG truck cable
    • Spo2 sensor
    • Adult NIBP cuff
    • Defibrillator/ AED connector
    • AED Defibrillator pad
    • Disposable adult ECG electrodes
    • EtCO2 sensor gas drier tube
  • 1 WiFi Router
  • 1 Patient Monitor Tablet with REALITi360 App
  • 1 Instructor Tablet with hard case and REALITi360 App

Watch the full video library of the iSimulate REALITi Patient Monitor Simulators at YouTube.

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