Sex Education

Artificial semen (UV-fluorescent fluid)

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Birth Control Chart

This high quality colorful anatomical chart presents information about common birth control methods, from natural birth control to surgical methods.

Cell to Embryo Development - Model Activity Set

Understanding development of the egg from fertilization to a 35-day old embryo. Clearly illustrate the ovum, ovulation, fertilization, initial cell division, and implantation by 3-D illustration. Description in English.

Condom Training Models

This economic set consists of 20 Styrofoam penis models, and provides a means of practicing the correct use of condoms, even in large groups.

Condom Training Models

Demonstrate the proper use of condoms by using this realistic model.

Contraceptive Kit, Light

The contraceptive kit to educate patients about the various options for practicing safe sex.

Display of Contraceptives

Present the full spectrum of birth control choices with this 3-D exhibit! Contraceptives and hand-painted anatomical models are mounted in an attractive carrying case with fold-out information panels that give the facts about various birth-control methods.

Family Planning Educator

Desktop simulator for training and demonstration of: • Introduction and removal of a diaphragm, an IUD or sponge contraception devices • Normal and abnormal uterine positions • Bi-manual examination technique The family planning educator supplied with: • One anteverted uterus with clear upper half to illustrate correct position of IUD • One uterus to illustrate normal anteversion and retroversion • Cervix with patent os attaches to uterus suspended within pelvic cavity • Soft plastic stomach cover • Carrying bag

Female Condom Model

This model represents an anteverted uterus in a simulated pelvic cavity with soft vulva and vagina and a soft plastic stomach cover.

Female Condom Training Model

This model shows the labia and vagina up to the cervix in a simplified representation for didactic reasons, and is used for demonstrating and learning the insertion of a female condom. Supplied with three Femidom condoms.

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model

This female contraceptive model, made from soft BIOlike™ material, provides a cross-section of a female pelvis for demonstrating proper contraceptive insertion.

Four-Month Fetus Model Activity Set

Realistic life-sized models of the embryo/fetus at 6, 8, 10,12, and 14 weeks are sequenced next to the 16 week fetus within a model of the womb.

Full-Term Fetus Model Activity Set

The Full-Term Fetus Model is one in a series of human anatomy models that make up a coordinated program in Sex Education/Family Living.

HIV and AIDS Chart

This anatomical poster presents important information about HIV and AIDS, one of the deadliest diseases facing humanity today.

HIV Model

This model of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, enlarged millions of times, shows the outer lipid membrane with protein structures and the internal nucleus which contains the viral hereditary matter (RNA).

I.U.D Trainer

Hand-held trainer which is a suitable aid for understanding correct positioning of I.U.D.

Male Condom Training Model

This model of an erect penis with testicles is used to learn how to use a condom safely.

Model for Gynecological Patient Education

Trust is one of the core elements of a successful healthcare relationship. It is also one that takes time to build, especially regarding intimate topics

Reproductive Implant Training Arm

Representation of an upper left arm with soft foam insert to train insertion and removal of implantable hormonal contraceptives such as Levonorgestrel. Supplied with 5 tubular inserts and 1 extra skin. On base.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Flip Chart

There's no simple way to talk openly and honestly about sex and its potential consequences.

Teaching Package “10 Contraceptives”

Graphic teaching material for sex education in schools, out of school youth employment and adult education.

The Consequences of HIV/AIDS - 3D Display

This graphic, 3-D display helps viewers to understand just what HIV/AIDS can do to the body. Each realistic, hand-painted model depicts one of the major consequences of HIV/AIDS.

The Consequences of STDs -3D Display

This 3D display shows how organs and body parts can be affected by sexually transmitted diseases.

Understanding Birth Control

A great tool for healthcare providers or sex educators, this flip chart discusses male and female reproductive anatomy, menstruation, conception, and the most current methods of contraception. Provides student information on one side and a teaching script on the other. 21 panels. 14" x 12".

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Throughout the history of medicine, clinical learning has been based on imitating the actions of others. Medical students are expected to learn complex medical tasks by watching other clinicians perform that task. This is known as the “see one, do one” approach, or the apprenticeship model. Certainly, the “see one, do one” approach to learning will continue to have its place. In many cases, however, experts within healthcare see simulation as an alternative, or at least a stepping-stone, between classroom learning and clinical practice. This means change.
Little Anne will now come with feedback technology to help you improve CPR quality
An anatomically accurate adult male torso, used to teach and practise the palpation, auscultation and percussion elements of abdominal or gastrointestinal (GI) examination. Ideal for OSCE preparation and assessment
Premature Anne is a realistically proportioned 25-week preterm manikin developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Premature Anne is designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals in the initiation of proper care and resuscitation of preterm infants.
The 3B Scientific® Birthing Simulator P90 PRO has been developed for the skill training in normal deliveries, in complicated deliveries and in obstetric emergencies. Obstetric simulation has proven successful to enhance the training of delivery skills, following of protocols and reaction in emergency situation.
The SECTRA anatomy visualization table significantly improves medical education with real patient cases and pre-operative planning with patient visualization tools.
SimMan ALS provides a mobile, durable solution that will meet the training needs of pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care providers - from basic assessment to advanced life-support skills. 
SonoSim’s new aorta and IVC real-patient scanning cases are available in the Aorta/IVC Core Clinical Module
An example of trauma moulage on SimMan 3G at an offsite location
SimView™ Mobile is the portable resource for an integrated capture and debriefing system. SimView Mobile can be easily transported and set-up to enable you to record audio, three video streams, and a patient monitor stream in one debriefing file.
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